AbbyWinters Raid

June 18, 2009

H/T to Somebody Think Of The Children for the stories on the GMedia raid (link and link). Further commentary and background here.


Porn and the pubic square

March 26, 2009

H/T to The Legal Satyricon for this article on pubic shaving and “porn culture”, more commentary here at the Pro-Porn Activism blog.

H/T to Good Vibrations and The Perverted Negress

February 14, 2009

For the tip on David Ogden (link and link). Further commentary here:

Pro-Porn Activism: ALERT: Obama’s “Pro-Porn” DOJ Nominee

Oh, and “The Perverted Negress” (great title) is a sex-poz blog that’s new to me, but I will definitely continue to follow.

H/T to Legal Satyricon

December 11, 2008

H/T to ”The Legal Satyricon” for this story. Further commentary here.

Response to Rachel Cervantes

December 10, 2008

My response to this blogger’s assertions about porn and violence studies on this thread was dropped. Have reposted and responded here.

Response to Ann Bartow

December 10, 2008

Ann Bartow make some rather off-the-wall claims about my Wikipedia activity here.

I’ve responded here and here.


June 7, 2007

Just a placeholder in case you’ve found this through Google or a comment I’ve made on a WordPress blog. I also use this page to create trackbacks onto WordPress blogs, something I can’t do from Blogger.

My real blog is here:, though more often, I blog over at the Pro-Porn Activism blog.